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Meet Brutus. Brut achieved his Junior Hunter title at the age 11 months old. Brut at 13 months got his first Senior pass. Brutus left elbow injured 13 months after getting 1st senior pass. Vet verified letter along with xray. The season ended. Brut we are hoping he  gets his Master Hunt Title no later then by Sept 2021. Brut has completed the top therapy title. Brut is a true sedge and is a gentle boy. Brut is a solid 95 pounds of muscle. Brut is currently 7 points away from his Grand Champion title in confirmation.  He works hard in the field. Brut is also very gentle with his therapy clients. He is well requested therapy dog. He works with elders and school age children. Brut has a great off switch when he is being Brut in the house. You can see Brut in the sporting dog group at Rose City Oregon dog show from last yr with his handler.

Birthdate: May 25, 2017

He is the offspring  of


GCH Long Meadow Call To Arms MH

Below is the link to OFA.  The rest he is cleared by parentage. But all

the tests were run. They are on

Also OFA shows Bruts left elbow as degenerative but it was an injury at 15 months

We have letter from the vet as to show proof.

He is currently up for stud.