Brutus and Salem were bred. Ultrasound 12th of August.

Brutus and Salem were bred. Pg will be confirmed by ultrasound.This will be Salem’s 2nd and last litter. Her first litter was amazing.

This litter will be a clear litter. Both parents were tested even though cleared by parentage but were health tested and up on OFA. Salem has her hunting titles and top therapy titles and hunts for real. Brutus has his hunt titles and should be running for master this summer when Hunt Test open back up. He also has a top therapy title. Brutus is currently seven points from his grand champion. Brutus has only ever shown these first 7 weeks.
This will be a very driven litter.

Salem’s first litter was with, Osiris (Brut’s brother) is amazing. They were kennel trained and potty trained before they went home with their new owners. They puppies sat to a whistle.  The puppies, are doing amazing in the field right now. I kept one of the puppies. Kahlua has been delivering to hand since eight weeks old just like the rest of the litter.

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